Easy Audio Visualization

... is a program which renders a video that reacts to your audio file

very easy to use

Visualizer Type: Line Bars

Music by audionautix.com

Visualizer Type: Circle Bass

Music by audionautix.com

Visualizer Type: Circle Music

Music by Martin Biesecke

Viusalizer Type: Line Bass

Music by audionautix.com

The output video is rendered as .mp4 file in HD and is saved on your computer

How can you optimize your visualizer?


Element that you are able to change


  1. Kind of Visualizer






2. Audio







3. Background







4. Particles









5. Bass Visualization








6. Additional UI




7. Logo

  • Appearance
  • Visualizer Color
  • Music Multiplier



  • Format
  • File




  • Background Color
  • File




  • Speed
  • Boost
  • Particle Color
  • Particle Multiplier



  • Visualizer Multitplier
  • Camera Shake
  • Light Multiplier



  • Text Color



  • Logo Color
  • File


- how the Visualizer appears
   around the logo

- Color of the bars or the line

- max hight of the bars or of the line




- change the format of the audio file

- directory where your audio file is
   loaded from




- alpha color of your picture or just
   color of the background

- the file your picture is loaded from
   (only .jpg/.png )




- standard speed of the particles


- acceleration of the particles multiplied
   by amount of bass

- color of the particles
- amount of particles spawning at once




- how the scale of logo and the circle
   around it will change with more bass

- how hard the camera will move with
   more bass

- more light flickering with more bass




- color of the progress text (not visible
   in rendered video)



- alpha color of the logo picture or just
   the color of circle in the middle

- file your logo image gets loaded from
   (only .jpg/.png)

You can enable or disable each of the categories individually. If you do not see one of them in the rendered video it is probably disabled.

Please tell us your ideas for more functions!